Sunday Song #29 Als die Kunden frech geworden

This is a little recording from todays Mitsing-Konzert at TFF in Rudolstadt with David Saam, Christoph Lambertz, Rees Richter and the audience of Rudolstadt. We are celebrating Peter Rohland, who rediscovered old German folk songs 50 years ago. ‚Als die Kunden (=Landstreicher) frech geworden‘ is a song about people living on the road. We will play another version of that song on Sunday on the big stage!

Sunday Song#27 Gottes Geschöpfe

This is the same song as Sunday Song #18. The melody is said to come from cologne in 1623. There is a strong textversion from famous Barock writer Friedrich Spee from the same time. You can find it in the catholic singing book ‚Gotteslob‘ #585. But you can also find the same song in the protestant singing book EG 514 with another text. Halleluja!

Sunday Song#26 Kieler Sprotte

Kiel at the Baltic sea is famous for the channel and the Kiel Week, that starts next week with a lot of sailing events. It is really beautiful in summer, in case the sun is shining. Here is a comittment to my home town. Taken from the RadioPlay ‚Heimat 2.O‘ with Austrian writer Hazel Rosenstrauch.

SundaySong#24 Latin Seb

Only Acoustic BaSS! This is a little, brandnew Tribute to Sebastian G. I have the pleasure to Play in his Double-Bass Orchstra ‚BasseMasse‘ on Friday, 6th of June. We will open the famous Moers Festival.